The Survive & Thrive Guide is part of the Thriving Planet Project (www.thrivingplanet.net) for creating a more harmonious way of living that can lead to thriving as we move through the chaos and rapid change in our world today. The Survive & Thrive Guide is a place to exchange information on disaster-proofing our lives as we learn to improve our immediate environment.

Here are some the topics this blog will address:

How to assess what disasters are likely in your area

Making your home safer

How to stay calm and think clearly when disaster strikes

Building a community of support for difficult times

Developing and accessing local resources for basic needs

Survive & Thrive Guide Blogger Vicki Wolf

Vicki Wolf is a professional writer, yoga and meditation teacher, organic gardener, mother and permaculture design specialist. For the past decade Wolf has been a leading light in bringing public awareness to the connection between health and the environment. She is an activist and community organizer for environmental justice causes and  sustainable community projects.

Since 2000, Wolf has written hundreds of articles on environmental issues for radio programs and websites including Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (www.cleanhouston.org). She writes and produces EarthCare Radio, which airs daily in Houston, Texas to 200,000 listeners, as well as Hill Country View, a program on conservation that airs on Texas Public Radio in the Hill Country.

In 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit, Wolf visited New Orleans, where she was invited to take part in Community Congress II, sponsored by America Speaks—a Washington DC-based nonprofit that has engaged more than 160,000 people across all 50 states in meaningful community dialog.

Following that experience, Wolf interviewed Katrina survivors to find out what it took to survive the worst disaster in US history and how they managed to re-build their lives after this tragedy. This experience coupled with Wolf’s awareness of the looming environmental crisis she covers in her daily work as an environmental writer motivated her to begin exploring preparedness and how to build resilience in a rapidly changing world.

Before moving to Austin, Wolf worked as a medical and consumer health writer in Dallas, Texas for more than 20 years. While a medical writer at UT Southwestern Medical Center, she wrote an award-winning daily radio health series as well as articles on nutrition and medical research.  She also was co-producer and writer for a consumer health series on WFAA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, Texas.

A certified Permaculture Design Specialist, Wolf has been a champion for Austin’s burgeoning local food movement and community garden network. She  also brings her 15 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation to the Thriving Planet Project. She is certified to teach Yoga of the Heart, a stress management program used in the Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program and the Commonweal Cancer Retreat Center.

Wolf has a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, TV and Film, specializing in News and Public Affairs, from the School of Journalism, Oklahoma State University.


5 Responses to About

  1. Bill Meacham says:

    Your site looks good. You are providing a much-needed service. Thanks!

  2. Patrice M. Schexnayder says:

    Very informative! The use of individual stories that illustrate solutions, from a local perspective, is very effective. As Texas gets deeper into Dry Drought Conditions, the need to see locally is much needed.

  3. Mel Riser says:

    I wish I had more tanks. We recently dug a pond at our ecovillage and put in a few cisterns.

    My house in austin has 4000 gallons of water, but I have been building a water room addition to my studio that has the potential to hold 20,000 gallons.

    Let’s hope I can build the tank. I certainly have the roofs to fill it!

    Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Great site…I soooo want to put in a tank. My home is so poorly laid out and I do not own the land so it is not allowed as yet. Looking for community…

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