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How Much Can the Gulf Coast Take? Part I: Loss of Land

by Vicki Wolf “There’s a tremendous range of human induced and natural induced disruptive events that impact this coast, and yet, it somehow survives,” says Craig Colten, professor in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Louisiana State University at … Continue reading

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Grassroots efforts working – big campaign coming with

All over the world people are taking on powerful institutions and saying no you can’t do this to our land, to our lives, to our planet. One of the biggest movements has risen against the tar sands pipelines and for … Continue reading

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Resilience Intergenerational Councils Emergence from Bioneers 2012

I learn so much when I come to this conference and always want to share it. I get busy when I return to my days at home and so I decided to blog while I’m here. I really want to … Continue reading

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Survive & Thrive Wisdom from 2011 Bioneers Conference

The past weekend I attend the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California. This is my fourth time to come to the conference. I come here for new hope and inspiration and I always get it. This year the wisdom from … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season: Houston and the Gulf Coast are Vulnerable

People living along the Gulf Coast stay on edge this time of year: It’s hurricane season – a time of watching to see if tropical waves will become destructive storms as they move toward the warm waters of the Gulf … Continue reading

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Eight Things You Can Do to Be Prepared if Disaster Strikes

Preparedness is about more than food and water. Here’s a list of areas in life that need attention for preparedness. More details on each of these areas to come in future blogs. Please let me know what you are doing … Continue reading

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Water: essential for survival and disaster-proofing

In Texas and other parts of the world where drought has become a frequent visitor, the importance of having enough water has come into full focus. Patricia Michael, teaching fellow of the International Permaculture Academy and landscape designer, says rainwater … Continue reading

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There is room for you at our table . . .

This is my first blog for the Survive & Thrive Guide. So I want to tell you why I’ve decided to start this blog. In 2002, when I turned my focus as a writer from health and medical science to … Continue reading

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